ERSA Versaflow 4050

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ERSA Versaflow
Selective Soldering System
The ERSA Versaflow is a fully automatic in-line selective soldering system operating within a nitrogen atmosphere in the solder bath. The Versaflow has been specifically designed in particular for the automatic soldering of power components such as edge connectors, relays and transformers which in spite of the increasing trend to SMD components in the assembly process, remain to be assembled with through hole technology.
The ERSA Versaflow is of modular design and includes the process zones for fluxing, preheating and soldering, each zone being equipped with an independent convoyer system. Depending upon the individual customer application, the Versaflow can be configured with alternative or additional modules to meet specific requirements.
The basic version of ERSA Versaflow includes:
complete pin-and-chain conveyor system with stopp and fixing units 
for processing solder masks
max. dimensions of solder masks: 500 mm length 
and 400 mm width
multiple axis-CNC-positioning system with servo drives:
2 axis system in flux module (X/Y axis)
3 axis system in solder module (X/Y/Z axis)
programmable single point high precision spray fluxer with spray test function,including integrated flux level monitor; the fluxer is designed to spray single spots and/or tracks. 
IR-preheating, bottom side
consisting of: 6 (six only) short wave length quartz burners á 1.700 watt, temperature controlled, adjustable
 PC Control
* Industrie PC with Intel Celeron Processor
* Operating System Windows XP professional MUI
*  Integrated precise multiple axis positioning control for 5 axis
* process display
* menu driven process and solder program setup
* generating and management of solder programs
* recording of production data
* weekly time clock
* password protection (freely definable)
* text display for maintainence and error messages
* inclusive 15" touch screen
* online-assistance
* network enabled (via Ethernet Link)
Audio and visual status signal
Exhaust function monitor
Interior hood light
Remote Maintenance via Modem and PC-Anywhere software
Nozzle holder
Solder nozzle, standard (3,0 / 6,0)
Emergency stop button
Color RAL 7035 (lightgrey) and RAL 7016 (anthracite)


Segmented Pin/Chain And Roller Conveyor
for Versaflow with single soldering module
with separate drive units in each module for processing individual, frameless PCBs, incl. motorized width adjustment (push button operation) stoppers, hold-downs and pneumatic fixing elements for processing PCB’s with a length of 500 mm and a width of 400 mm.
Item No.: MS-VF-RT1
Programmable Conveyor Width
the conveyor width can be preset in the software and 
upon calling up this function, the system will adjust 
Item No.: MS-VF-TV1
Topside preheating module
preheat cassette with ceramic glass cover, 
consisting of 2 (two) tubular heating elements á 3300 watt, medium wave length, temperature monitored and controlled
Automatic Solder Wire Feeder                                  
Suitable for solder wire spools of 4 kg
if the solder level reaches its defined low level, the solder pot moves to a service position in which the automatic solder wire feeder feeds the necessary amount of solder into the solder pot, incl. one spool of solder wire (alloy: SN63PB37, spool á 4 kg, diameter 2 mm) 
The Versaflow double module requires two feeders.
Item No.: MS-VF-LZ1                                
Solder Nozzle Variations
varies applications require nozzles with different geometry. Several standard solder nozzles are available for this purpose.
1) Standard Solder Nozzles (exchangeable tips for magnetic base)                                   
Inner/Outer Diameter in mm
3,0 / 4,5
Item No: 6ISK47957021A
3,0 / 6,0
Item No: 6ISK47957020A (Standard)
4,0 / 8,0
Item No: 6ISK47957022A
6,0 / 10,0
Item No: 33363
8,0 / 12,0
Item No: 25421
10,0 / 14,0 
Item No: 6ISK47957023
Further sizes on request
2) Standard Nozzle removal tool
for exchangeable solder tips only
Item No.:  6ISK47957091
3) Combi Tool for Nozzles and N2-Ring 
for removal of both exchangeable tips and nitrogen ring
Item No.:  6ISK47957090A
SMEMA-Communication Interface for Inline Operation 
conveyor height 940 - 965 mm
Item No.: MS-IS
Safe Entry Option Package (Basic Machine) 
for Versaflow single pot version
consisting of access doors and gliding glas windows interlocks. Accidental entry into the system is not possible, as prior to being able to open any door or window a user has to sign in at the touch screen panel. Involuntary process interruptions are also eliminated.
Item No.: MS-VF-TS1
Visualization of the Solder Process via Camera / Monitor 
(for single point solder module only)
a) High-Resolution Camera, consisting of:
• 1/3" CMOS-CCD Micro-colour camera
• zoom, focus width 25 mm, adjustable focus
• power supply, 6 VDC, cord set  
Item No.: MS-LK
b) 15" colour monitor
incl. toggle to switch two cameras on one monitor
definition: 500 TV-lines

Item No.: MS-MO1


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